The December MSCI report showed total flat rolled shipments of 1.81m tons or 82.3 tons per day. Total shipments were down 3.4% MoM and 9.7% YoY. Daily shipments were down 12% MoM and 9.7% YoY. Inventory levels fell by 161k tons to 5.41m tons down 2.9% MoM and 12.5% YoY. This translates to M.O.H. at 2.99, down 3% YoY, but up 0.5% MoM. When comparing daily shipment rates, M.O.H is also 2.99, but that is up 10.6% MoM. TSI daily prices did the following WoW: US HRC was up $2 to $395/st, NE HRC was flat at €323/t (-$3.95 to $316.28/st), Turkish Scrap was fell $13 to $180/t and ASEAN HRC gained $1 to $292/t (+$1 to $265/st). Platt’s pricing had HRC flat at $410/st, CRC up $5 to $535/st and HDG flat at $580/st.