The CRU US Midwest HRC price was down $6 to $449/st. German CRU HRC shed $14 to $402 and Italian CRU HRC lost $15 to $341. Chinese CRU HRC was flat at $297 (all in short ton). The CRU US CRC and HDG price declined $6 and $3 to $580 and $649, respectively. The CRC-HRC differential was flat at $130/st.TSI daily prices did the following WoW: US HRC prices lost $3 to $451, NE HRC stayed unchanged at €378 ($382.239/st -$1.23), ASEAN decreased by $7 to $297 ($269.379/st -$6.35) and Turkish Scrap slid $15 to $219. Platt’s pricing did the following: HRC and CRC were flat at $455 and $575, respectively. HDG slid $15 to $645.